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Information about our goals, priorities and principles

Cafcass Cymru Strategic Plan 2020 to 2025

This Strategic Plan has been developed with and for our staff. It will provide direction and focus to what we do and how we do it and ensure our involvement in the lives of children and families continues to make a positive difference.

Our strategy includes 3 over-arching goals that describe how we will focus our efforts towards achieving our purpose. These goals are focused on Our Service, Our Staff and Our Stakeholders.

  • Our Service - We want to provide the best quality service to support improved outcomes for every child, young person and family we work with,
  • Our Staff - We want an environment and learning culture where staff feel valued and their well-being is supported, and
  • Our Stakeholders - We want to share our knowledge, learn from partners and use our collective influence to improve the family justice system and children’s social care in Wales.

It is important to us our staff, service users, partners and stakeholders have confidence in the way we work.

In developing this 5 year plan we engaged and consulted with our staff to agree the core values for the organisation i.e. that guide and reflect how we behave towards those we work with and each other. These values underpin the services we deliver and we expect all our staff to embrace and promote them in everything we do.

  • Child-centred – We have children and young people at the heart of all our work.
  • Inclusive – We respect difference, challenge discrimination, promote inclusivity and embrace diversity.
  • Integrity & Respect – We work in a fair, honest and transparent way with everyone we work with, valuing and respecting their individuality.

Social partnerships

We work with trade unions to be a fair and inclusive employer

As part of the Welsh Government, the relationship we have with our trade unions is based on a social partnership. We believe our goals can best be achieved by management and trade unions working together.

Our 3 recognised trade unions are:

Our Welsh Government trade union colleagues work together to give their members a real say in the workplace. They make sure that the interests of their members are promoted and protected. They also help reduce inequalities, improve terms and conditions and work with the Welsh Government on issues such as terms and conditions, pay, organisational change, policies and procedures.

Cafcass Cymru is committed to working in partnership with its trade unions. We encourage staff to get involved. We support staff to join a recognised trade union, to ensure their voice is heard in the workplace and to learn more about trade unions and partnership working.