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We are an organisation that is continually reviewing the way we work in order to provide a better service and to help us do this we review our performance on a monthly basis.

Part of this monthly review means we reflect on the number of Section 31 applications we receive and how we can best respond to this demand.

Each year we also produce our annual report which outlines our performance over the last year.


All of our staff who have a direct involvement with Family Court cases are qualified, experienced social workers, who want to improve the lives of children in Wales. They are all registered with Social Care Wales.

To find out more about our training programme visit the Our staff page.

Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW)

CIW is responsible for inspecting social care and social services across Wales to make sure the services provide the highest standard of service to children and families in Wales.

CIW's most recent assurance check of Cafcass Cymru was in June 2022.

We remain committed to improving our services so that we may best serve children and their families. We want to hear from you so if you have any suggestions about how we could improve our service please visit our feedback page.

What you can expect from us

We want to be an open organisation that provides high quality, timely, independent expert advice and information to children and families in Wales. In order for us to do this, it is vital that we promote understanding of our role and remit to children and families so they know what to expect from us. In addition to our organisational values we have developed a set expectation documents so that any service user or partner agency can access information on what service they should be receiving in specific areas of our work.

If you feel that the service you have received fails to meet the expectations set out in our values or expectation documents please do not hesitate to contact our offices and speak to a member of our staff who would be happy to assist.

If you remain dissatisfied, please take the time to read through our Guide to Complaints document to consider whether you want to take your matter further.

Our Advisory Committee

The Cafcass Cymru Advisory Committee supports the Cafcass Cymru Senior Management team in the strategic development of the organisation and to advise them on relevant stakeholder issues.

The Committee has no executive powers and is advisory in its purpose, which is to:

  1. Represent stakeholders’ interests and provide suggestions to Cafcass Cymru on a range of practice issues.
  2. Act as an external consultative reference point in relation to the development of strategies and policies.
  3. Ensure the views of children and young people inform the strategic development and delivery of the organisation.
  4. Consider the impact of new legislation and developments in the family justice system in relation to the development of the organisation in Wales.
  5. Provide members of the Committee with the opportunity to raise issues for discussion relevant to Cafcass Cymru functions that impact on their organisations.

The committee meets 3 times a year and is currently chaired by Tracey Holdsworth– Assistant Director NSPCC Cymru, Head of Local Services Wales.

Read the Advisory Committee meetings minutes.

Advisory Committee member organisations: