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The introduction of Bovine Electronic Identification (EID) in Wales will be later than anticipated.

First published:
2 December 2020
Last updated:

We had hoped that the introduction of Bovine EID in Wales would be in line with the launch of cattle on EIDCymru. But now, we do not expect official Bovine EID tags to be available on the market until 2024/2025 at the earliest.

We recommend that you only order enough conventional tags to cover calves expected in 2023.

We have not agreed tag specifications for Bovine EID tags. The next step is to conduct a trial to pilot a range of tag options on a selection of farms, markets and abattoirs.

We will update you towards the end of 2023 about the timing of the introduction of Bovine EID. We are not able to provide definite timescales for implementation yet. Proposals are subject to legislative amendments and Bovine EID tag availability.

We will publish updates to this situation in Gwlad. We will also share details with industry groups, as they emerge.