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1. Welcome and Introductions

Welsh Government gave an update on the current status of implementation of the Act:

  • Royal Assent was achieved on 20 March 2020 and the law will commence on 21 March 2022.
  • The work programme for implementation of the Act was paused between April and June due to Covid-19.
  • Implementation of the social services metrics has been paused; it is anticipated baseline data will still be collected ahead of commencement.

2. Act Update - communications

Welsh Government gave an update on the comms campaign for the Act:

  • In light of Covid-19, the comms strategy for this financial year has been reconfigured with  a focus on stakeholder, sector and group engagement and on producing campaign materials to support the public facing campaign which will begin in the next financial year, ahead of commencement in March 2022.

3. Update on other Task and Finish groups

Welsh Government summarised the activity of the other Task and Finish groups:

  • The Strategic Implementation Group met virtually in August.
  • The Operations, Guidance and Training (OGT) Task and Finish Group has been exploring processes for updating guidance and training for organisations.
  • The OGT group intend to conduct a virtual HYDRA process scenario exercise involving the Police, Children’s Services and the CPS.
  • The Parenting Expert Action Group continues work to ensure adequate parenting support before the commencement of the Act. They are also supporting the development of resources for the Welsh Government’s Parenting. Give it Time campaign, which will provide information and advice on positive ways to manage children’s behaviour without physical punishment.

4. Minutes from last meeting

It was agreed the minutes reflect an accurate record of the meeting on 26 February 2020.

5. Advice to the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services

Welsh Government presented the draft letter to the group, highlighting specific points that relate to the organisations represented in the group.

The group were invited to submit any amendments to the letter, ahead of it being considered at the next Strategic Implementation Group meeting.

Representatives from each organisation discussed the points in the letter, which related to their areas, and suggested amendments where necessary.

6. Roundtable

The group discussed next steps. It was agreed that attention could now turn to implementation of data collection by HMCTS and CPS.