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Summary of meeting

1. Welcome & Introductions

The Welsh Government (WG) welcomed attendees to the meeting and invited introductions around the table.

2. Summary of meeting – 6/10/2020

The Group agreed the summary of the 6/10/2020 meeting.

3. Overview and update on the Act

WG provided an overview and update on the Act and the associated implementation groups, including a more detailed update on the communications work relating to the Act.

4. Parenting and Communications update

WG provided an update on parenting policy and the Parenting. Give it Time communications work undertaken since the start of the pandemic, including a number of additional Top Tips resources created and promoted.

The Parenting. Give it Time autumn campaign Parenting Moments, was launched on the 12 November.  This campaign built on the success of the thematic approach of the summer campaign.

5. Mapping of existing parenting programme analysis

An overview was provided of the recent questionnaire responses and re-commissioning of the mapping exercise which originally took place in November 2019.  The PEAG & Parenting Network were thanked for the responses received.

6. Parenting intervention for diversion in relation to the Children Wales Act

WG gave a presentation on Parenting Programmes to support the diversion scheme. 

7. Presentation – Parent Talk Cymru

Action for Children gave a presentation on the recently launched online facility “Parent Talk Cymru”

8. AOB and closing remarks

Thanks was given for those attending.