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Summary of meeting

1. Welcome and Introductions

The Welsh Government (WG) welcomed attendees to the meeting.

2. Minutes and actions of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting on 5 May 2021 were agreed.

3. Implementation Status Update

The group were provided with an update on the work of the task and finish groups. It was noted that additional material regarding managing children’s behaviour for the older age ranges, had been added to the Parenting. Give it time website. New material had also been developed including Top Tips and information resources on Screen Time and Routines and Staying positive in the Spring and Summer. This coincided with the soft launch of the legislation communications campaign on Ending Physical Punishment. Work to re-design the website would continue over the summer.

4. Communications Update

WG provided an update on the current stage of the Public Awareness Raising campaign. Digital advertising aimed at those with lower levels of awareness started in June, with a ‘summer campaign’ including out of home and digital advertising to take place in July and August; and engagement with stakeholders, groups and communities continuing throughout. TV and radio advertising would begin in September. Sector articles had been published about the legislation including, for Social Workers and teachers.

5. Data Collection and Monitoring Group

WG provided an update on the progress of the Data Collection and Monitoring Group. Attendees agreed that the arrangements put in place for data collection and monitoring, along with the research and surveys undertaken, would support the legal duty to undertake the post implementation review including, the impact the Act has had on public services as well as public attitudes and awareness, albeit noting the potential impact the pandemic may have on some of the data.

6. Update from the Training, Operations, Guidance and Diversion Task & Finish Group

The group were provided with an update on the development of a Practice Guide in relation to the Children Wales Act, which would sit alongside the Wales Safeguarding Procedures informing practitioners about the law change and its relevance to their work. Consultation with stakeholders was planned.

An update on the approach to providing parenting support in conjunction with an Out of Court Disposal was provided.

7. Any Other Business

Date of next meeting: 20 October 2021