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Summary of meeting

1. Welcome and Introductions

Attendees were welcomed to the meeting.

2. Minutes and actions

The minutes of the last meeting of 3 March were agreed.

3. Discussion on use of Out of Court Disposals (OOCDs)

  • Use of OOCDs

There was a discussion on the use of OOCDs. It was noted that the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill currently going through the UK parliament may alter the territory around OOCDs. It was agreed to continue to monitor progress of the Bill.

  • Police process

The group considered the process where the Police receive a report of an assault on a child.  It agreed to recommend that when the Children Wales Act comes into force, as the defence of reasonable punishment applies to the existing offences of common assault and battery, the police should continue to follow normal criminal justice procedures.

4. Parenting support as a condition of an OOCD

It was considered that the conditions attached to an OOCD in relation to the Children Wales Act would be that the individual engaged with parenting support. There was a discussion about how this should best be provided. It was agreed to have further discussions about this.

5. Next steps

Next meeting – 8th June.