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Summary of meeting

1. Welcome and Introductions

Attendees were welcomed to the meeting.

2. Options for diversionary parenting support

The group looked at options for the parenting support which will be provided in conjunction with an Out of Court Disposal (OOCD).

The group discussed:

Where the parenting support associated with an OOCD could be situated and its management.

That the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill currently going through the UK parliament proposes having two OOCDs – Community Caution and Diversionary Caution.  The provisions around OOCDs in the Bill are not expected to come into force until April 2023. Progress of this Bill would be monitored.

Whether support should be one to one and bespoke, or a prescribed parenting course: it was felt that bespoke one to one support would be preferable, and the support should be developed on that basis.

How support would be provided to Young People under 18 - Not many under-18s are parents and few are expected to be affected by the removal of the defence of reasonable punishment; arrangements for these young people were considered.

3. Update on Safeguarding Processes

The group noted, the defence of reasonable punishment applies to the existing offences of common assault and battery, and as such safeguarding processes would not change and professionals would continue to follow the Wales Safeguarding Procedures (WSP). It was agreed that engagement should continue with key stakeholders.

4. Awareness raising campaign

A brief update on the awareness raising campaign for the legislation was provided, including on public facing materials associated with the campaign. Updated information was due to be published on the Welsh Government website from June, which will supplement existing materials.

5. Minutes and actions

The minutes of the last meeting of 15 April were agreed

6. Next steps

Next meeting – 19 August 2021.