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  • Rt. Hon. Mark Drakeford MS
  • Adam Price MS

Item 1: Senedd Reform and Constitution Commission

1.1 The Board discussed the policy development work which officials had been undertaking in relation to Senedd reform. The Board also noted the need to provide the Senedd's Business Committee with a Welsh Government perspective on a number of issues which the Committee had been asked to consider.

Item 2: Agree minutes of the previous meeting

2.1 The Board agreed the minutes of the previous meeting without comment and noted that the June and August meeting minutes were now available on the Welsh Government’s website.

Item 3: Progress update, including timeline

3.1 The Board discussed the progress seen since the last meeting, including an update across all 46 commitments. The discussion mainly centred around the commitments relating to the OECD and the National School for Government.

Item 4: Annual report

4.1 The Board agreed the draft of the first Co-operation Agreement Annual Report to be published around the time of the first anniversary of signing the Agreement in December subject to minor amendments.

Item 5: Comms update

5.1 The Board noted the various joint visits and communications that had taken place since the last meeting.