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  • Rt. Hon. Mark Drakeford MS
  • Adam Price MS

Item 1: Minutes of the previous meeting

1.1 The Board approved the minutes of the previous meeting without comment. The Board agreed to publish Oversight Board minutes, in a similar way to Cabinet minutes.

Item 2: Progress update and timelines

2.1 The Board discussed the progress made on various policy areas since the previous meeting and the ongoing work on the Timeline papers which map out where and when further discussions and decisions are needed. The Board agreed the work would be key in informing Oversight Board discussions.

Item 3: Final Budget

3.1 The Board was grateful for the work done on the detail of the funding aspects of the Co-operation Agreement. The Board discussed and agreed the approach to the Final Budget.

Item 4: Senedd Reform and Constitutional Commission

4.1 The Leader of Plaid Cymru provided a short update on his thinking regarding wider Senedd reform.

Item 5: Any Other Business

5.1 The Board noted the considerable progress being made on the Agreement and was grateful to those involved in making it happen.