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The Commission on Justice in Wales was set up by the Welsh Government in 2017 to review the operation of the justice system in Wales and set a long term vision for its future.

First published:
20 August 2018
Last updated:

The Commission began its work in December 2017 and in February 2018 issued a call for evidence. The Commission has received over 130 written submissions which are published on its website.

Many of the submissions make recommendations about how the justice and legal systems in Wales could be made better and more accessible. 

The Commission is now keen to hear from more people about how the following are working in Wales and how they could be improved:

  • Criminal justice, including policing, probation and prisons
  • Civil justice, family justice and tribunals
  • Access to legal advice for all in our society, regardless of background or wealth

Let us know your views, ideas and suggestions by completing our short online questionnaire.