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Information about the Welsh Government’s intergovernmental relations within the UK.

First published:
3 March 2021
Last updated:

UK Common Frameworks

Frameworks ensure a common approach is taken where powers have returned from the EU which intersect with policy areas of devolved competence.

UK Common Frameworks on GOV.UK

Review of intergovernmental relations

This sets out the conclusions of the review undertaken jointly by the UK government and the devolved governments.

The review of intergovernmental relations


Concordats set out the principles which underpin bilateral relationships.

Learn more about our concordats with UK Government departments

Joint Ministerial Committee

The Joint Ministerial Committee was a forum of the UK and devolved governments. It has been superseded by the structures agreed in the Review of Intergovernmental Relations.

Joint Ministerial Committee

Heads of Government Council

A top tier forum with the heads of devolved governments, chaired by the Prime Minister.

British-Irish Council

The British-Irish Council promotes the development of mutually beneficial relationships among the peoples of the British Isles.

Learn more about the British-Irish Council on

Providing inter-governmental information to Senedd Cymru

Defines the information about inter-governmental relations we will provide to the Senedd. It includes our work with formal structures, for example the Inter-ministerial Standing Committee.

Providing inter-governmental information to Senedd Cymru

Reforming our Union

‘Reforming our Union: shared governance in the UK’, sets out our views on the changes needed to put the Union on a sustainable footing.

Reforming our union: shared governance in the UK