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Public consultations on two joint Wales and England Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) have been published today.

First published:
17 July 2023
Last updated:

The two plans focus on king scallops and seabass and are included in the first group of FMPs in the UK to be consulted on.

FMPs will set out the policies and strategic direction for the management of fisheries to ensure fish stocks are restored and maintained at sustainable levels.

Each FMP will specify the fish stock, type of fishing, area covered, authority responsible and the indicators to be used for monitoring the effectiveness of the plan.

Taken together, the creation of the Fisheries Act, the Joint Fisheries Statement and FMPs will create a step change in fisheries management in the UK.

The FMPs published today are the first of 43 to be published over the next six years in the UK.

The consultation, running from 17 July to 1 October 2023, will welcome views from all those interested and affected by the proposed policies.

Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd said: 

“I am pleased to be launching these consultations jointly with the UK Government following close collaboration. King scallops and seabass have been prioritised because of their importance to Wales and potential vulnerability.

“These FMPs reflect the devolved nature of fisheries, whilst recognising the benefits of joined up working. We all want to see fishing industries which are sustainable and environmentally responsible, as well as economically viable and thriving.

“I want to thank everyone, including the industry, who have engaged with us during the development stage and I now look forward to hearing views on the proposals we have set out.”