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The Counsel General for Wales, Jeremy Miles AM is today launching a 12 week public consultation on the Draft Legislation (Wales) Bill.

First published:
20 March 2018
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

The proposed legislation will impose obligations on Welsh Ministers and the Counsel General to make laws more accessible and also makes bespoke provision about the interpretation of Welsh legislation.

Speaking ahead of his oral statement the Counsel General said:

“The complexity of the law that applies to Wales is a big problem and steps need to be taken to simplify it and make it more accessible to everyone. My goal is to organise Welsh law into comprehensive Codes organised by the subject areas devolved to Wales.

“I see this as an issue of social justice. It is vital that citizens understand their rights and responsibilities under the law, they know what the law means and who is responsible for what. That’s why I am today launching a public consultation and engagement on the Draft Bill and would like to encourage everyone to get involved and have their say.”

A clear, certain and accessible statute book is an economic asset and gives those who wish to do business in Wales a more stable and settled legal framework, helping investment and growth. It also enables public sector bodies and other organisations to more easily understand the legal context within which they operate, and makes law-making more efficient and effective. The proposals would also facilitate use of the law in Welsh.

The Draft Bill is an important milestone in the development of devolved government in Wales and designed to help make Welsh law fit for the future.