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Terms of reference of the COVID 19 Moral and Ethical Advisory Group Wales.

Purpose of the group

  1. A Covid-19 Moral and Ethical Advisory Group for Wales (CMEAG-Wales) is needed in order to gather and co-ordinate issues relating to moral, ethical, cultural and faith considerations, and provide a source of advice to public services on issues arising from the health and social care emergency response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  
  1. CMEAG-Wales will offer consultation and advice to Welsh public services on moral, ethical, cultural and faith considerations relating to health and social care delivery, in light of guidance from a range of sources. These include the UK MEAG group’s independent advice to the UK government and CMOs, NICE, Royal Colleges, Professional bodies, and any relevant matters referred to it.
  1. This advice will be used to inform equitable and just management of health related incidents across Wales, including Covid-19 and pandemic flu as appropriate.

Scope, responsibilities and governance

  1. CMEAG- Wales will be sponsored jointly by the Minister for Health, the Deputy Minister and Chief Whip and the Minister for Housing and Local Government, and report to CMO and sponsoring ministers
  1. CMEAG-Wales will provide independent, timely and coordinated moral, ethical and faith related advice relating to implementation in Wales of advice in response to Covid-19, from a range of sources as in (2) above, and in response to other related questions and issues put to it. 
  1. The meeting will be chaired by Health but with officials attending from other Ministerial portfolio areas where the agenda is relevant.
  1. Subgroups may be established to consider defined issues with additional membership appropriate to the topic
  1. Agreed documents will be published.
  1. Members will have signed a declaration form to alert the secretariat to potential conflicts of interest or concerns and to agree to honour confidentiality in terms of information shared for the purposes of CMEAG-Wales discussions.
  1. In the longer term, CMEAG-Wales will be reviewed and if it is considered effective in the emergency period, might be developed to advise proactively on issues relevant to emergency preparedness planning moe generally.


  1. The CMEAG-Wales will have representation from Wales wide communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including those at risk of more disproportionate impact from Covid-19 ; expertise as required, including clinical; public health; academic; legal; social and behavioural sciences; media and communications. It may co-opt additional members and expertise as needed for specific issues.   
  1. Members will not be remunerated for their time. Meetings will be held by using virtual meeting technology.  


  1. The secretariat will be led by the Welsh Government and meetings held frequently during the course of the Covid19 response.
  2. CMEAG-Wales will be asked to convene promptly and provide advice on moral, ethical, culture specific and faith considerations in relation to Covid-19, the responses to it and any moral and ethical dilemmas emerging through the course of this situation. 
  1. CMEAG-Wales is expected to respond at pace to ad-hoc requests that arise as a result of Covid-19 health related incidents or events which might need to be considered urgently.

Membership list

The group is chaired by Dr Heather Payne. The group includes Welsh Government officials representing health, equality and related policy areas.

The following external organisations and individuals are represented on the group:

Name Organisation
Martyn Jones Interim Chair of the EHRC Wales Committee
Prof Vivienne Harpwood Chair, Powys tHB

Baroness Ilora Findlay

House of Lords/ Academic

Dr Idris Baker

Swansea Bay UHB/ Palliative Care

Chantal Patel

Chair of Clinical Ethics Committee Swansea Bay

Prof Alison Mawhinney

Academic/Human rights

Rev Carol Wardman

Church in Wales Church and Society

Rev Aled Edwards

Cytun (Churches in Wales)

Tony Blasebalk

Cardiff United Synagogue

Kathy Riddick

Wales Humanists

Rhian Davies

Disability Wales

Helena Herklotz

Older People’s Commissioner

Rachel Thomas

Head of Policy and Public Affairs Children’s Commissioner

Lynne Hill / Sean O’Neill

Children in Wales

Rocio Cifuentes

EYST (Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team)

Dr Alison Parken

Academic Equality Expert, Cardiff University

Simon Wilkinson


Joe Powell

All Wales People First

Karen Gregory

Royal College of Nursing

Shavanah Taj

Wales TUC

Aled Roberts

Welsh Language Commissioner