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Provides updated information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme up to 13 July 2021.

First published:
13 July 2021
Last updated:


Our National Vaccination Strategy was published on 11 January and is based on the detailed planning NHS Wales had been doing.  

Our strategy is focused on 3 key areas:

  • Our priorities – we continue to work closely with the UK Government on supply. Based on what we know about supply and the priority cohorts set by the JCVI, we have set key milestones.
  • Our vaccination infrastructure – making sure that people can access their vaccination offer - the places to go to get vaccinated, people to give the vaccination and the appointment and digital recording and reporting system set up.
  • Keeping up to date and informed about the vaccination programme – we are committed to providing information to keep everyone in Wales updated about the vaccination programme.

What’s new this week?

90% of adults in Wales have had their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. This is a phenomenal achievement and a real team effort. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get their vaccine, particularly younger adults who have other demands on their time. Vaccination centres across many parts of Wales are open for walk-in appointments. 

72% of adults in Wales have had their second dose. The second dose is essential for longer term protection so it’s just as important that second dose offers are taken up. There is good emerging evidence to suggest two doses of the vaccine is helping to reduce the risk of hospitalisation as a result of the delta variant.

We are aiming to offer all eligible adults two doses of vaccine by the end of September.

This is a crucial step forward in our fight against COVID-19 and getting back to doing more of the things we enjoy.

If you haven't had your invitation or you need to rearrange, please contact your health board, help on how to get your vaccination is available here: Get your COVID-19 vaccination if you think you have been missed

Some people in North Wales have had difficulty booking their second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. Most walk-in centres in north Wales are aimed at the under 40s who have not yet taken up their offer so have appropriate supply for this age category. Those needing to book a second dose of AstraZeneca in North Wales should contact their health board (Betsi Cadwaladr UHB) on 03000 840004. To help further, from 14 July there will be additional slots every day for AstraZeneca appointments in Betsi Cadwaladr UHB. All health boards, including Betsi Cadwaladr UHB, have enough supply of vaccine and are all working hard to offer slots as close to 8 weeks as possible.

COVID-19 vaccination status 

The NHS COVID Pass allows you to show others that you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine when travelling abroad. If you were vaccinated in Wales and are aged 16 or over, you can get a digital NHS COVID Pass. NHS Digital is working with NHS Wales to put in place data sharing arrangements between Wales and England. All people vaccinated in Wales or England who are registered with a GP in Wales can already obtain their digital COVID pass through the NHS website from 23 June 2021. All people registered with a GP in England but vaccinated in Wales will be able to evidence their COVID Vaccination data through the NHS website from 17 July.

No Covishield vaccines have been administered in the UK. The Serum Institute of India (SII) manufactures both Vaxzevria and Covishield. All SII-made doses approved by the MHRA and administered in the UK were branded as the ’COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca’ which is now known commercially as ‘Vaxzeria’– the MHRA has not approved doses branded as ‘Covishield’ and none were in administered in the UK. 

All AstraZeneca vaccines given in the UK are the same product and appear on the NHS COVID Pass as Vaxzevria. The European Medicines Agency has authorised this vaccine and we are confident travel will not be affected. All doses used in the UK have been subject to rigorous safety and quality checks, including individual batch testing and physical site inspections, by the medicine’s regulator, the MHRA.

The EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate is currently for EU citizens only, or third country nationals legally staying or resident in the EU. Ensuring safe and open travel with our global partners is a clear priority and UK Government are engaging the European Commission on certification.

There has been media coverage of volunteers, who have selflessly participated in trial vaccination, not being able to evidence their vaccinations and therefore having difficulties with travelling abroad. Trial vaccination are accepted as valid throughout the UK and the UK Government is working with WHO on behalf of all nations to encourage other countries to also accept them as valid. Not all the data from trials will show on the COVID Pass until the end of July but trial teams are in communication with volunteers affected by this.

Who is currently getting vaccinated?

We continue to follow the UK’s independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) priority list, followed by all four nations in the UK and has the support of all 4 Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) within the UK.

Current summary:

  • in total more than 4.1 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in Wales
  • high take up of both first and second doses in priority groups 1-4, protecting our most vulnerable
  • over 2.27 million people have had a first dose and over 1.84 million people have received their full course of vaccine
  • the vaccine is the best way to prevent serious illness and the spread of the disease
  • overall, 90% of our adult population have had a first dose and 72% of all adults in Wales have completed the two-dose course

As we continue to operate on the principle of no one left behind, the NHS continues to go back and offer those in priority groups 1-9 who, for various reason, have not yet taken up their offer. 

That means, we are now vaccinating:

  • first doses for remaining adults aged 18 and over so that no one is left behind
  • second doses

Where are vaccinations taking place? 

Our infrastructure has been built from the ground up and is a blended delivery model. This is aimed at providing a mix of sites in order to maximise speed of roll out, ensure safety, meet the needs of the characteristics of the vaccines, be as conveniently located as possible and, importantly make sure we give equitable access across the country and all communities. 

During the past week vaccinations were being administered in 226 locations across Wales, including:

  • 50 mass vaccination centres
  • 15 general practice locations
  • 27 pharmacies
  • 22 hospital locations
  • there were 7 mobile teams operating

Further information

It is important that we maintain the current high-levels of vaccine uptake to keep Wales safe, this is for both first and second doses. Every dose administered and every person protected really does make a difference. The vaccines are safe and effective. Your second dose of vaccine is important for longer lasting protection against COVID-19 and against the Delta variant.

Public Health Wales has FAQs about the vaccine, safety and fertility. They also publish daily and weekly surveillance data releases.

A range of information on our vaccination programme is available on our website, including guidance published relating to the priority groups. 

Welsh Government statisticians are also publishing some of the more operational statistics attached to the programme each week.