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Provides updated information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme up to 29 June 2021.

First published:
29 June 2021
Last updated:


Our National Vaccination Strategy was published on 11 January and is based on the detailed planning NHS Wales had been doing.  

Our strategy is focused on 3 key areas:

  • Our priorities – we continue to work closely with the UK Government on supply. Based on what we know about supply and the priority cohorts set by the JCVI, we have set key milestones
  • Our vaccination infrastructure – making sure that people can access their vaccination offer - the places to go to get vaccinated, people to give the vaccination and the appointment and digital recording and reporting system set up
  • Keeping up to date and informed about the vaccination programme – we are committed to providing information to keep everyone in Wales updated about the vaccination programme

What’s new this week?

In the last week, we have recorded over 124,000 doses, including more than 15,700 first doses and more than 108,000 second doses. This is important progress in our programme and keeping Wales safe. 
Health boards are working hard to make sure that no one is left behind and that everyone in Wales receives their first dose of COVID-19 vaccination. 

If you haven't had your invitation or you need to rearrange, please contact your health board, help on how to get your vaccination is available here: Get your COVID-19 vaccination if you think you have been missed

We still expect to reach milestone 3 in our Strategy - 75% take-up for first vaccinations across all priority groups and age groups - ahead of target.

Our second dose programme is running substantively alongside our first dose programme. The second dose is essential for longer term protection so it’s just as important that second dose offers are taken up. There is good emerging evidence to suggest two doses of the vaccine is helping to reduce the risk of hospitalisation as a result of the delta variant.

We are focused on offering a second dose to everyone in priority groups 1-9 over the next three weeks – that’s everyone over 50, all healthcare workers, social care workers, and other vulnerable groups, including care home residents.

We continuing to work to bring forward appointments for the people over 40, subject to supply, so they don’t have to wait longer than eight weeks between their first and second doses.

We are aiming to offer all eligible adults two doses of vaccine by the end of September.

Who is currently getting vaccinated?

We continue to follow the UK’s independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) priority list, followed by all four nations in the UK and has the support of all 4 Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) within the UK.

Current summary:

  • in total more than 3.7 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in Wales
  • high take up of both first and second doses in priority groups 1-4, protecting our most vulnerable
  • over 2.25 million people have had a first dose and over 1.6 million people have received their full course of vaccine
  • the vaccine is the best way to prevent serious illness and the spread of the disease
  • 83% of the 40-49 cohort have received a first dose, 74% of the 30-39 cohort have received a first dose and 71% of the 18-29 cohort have received a first dose
  • overall, 89% of our adult population have had a first dose and 64% of all adults in Wales have completed the two-dose course.

As we continue to operate on the principle of no one left behind, the NHS continues to go back and offer those in priority groups 1-9 who, for various reason, have not yet taken up their offer. 

That means, we are now vaccinating:

  • remaining adults aged 18 and over
  • anyone who, for whatever reason, was missed in priority groups 1-9, so that no one is left behind
  • second doses for those in priority groups 1-9

Where are vaccinations taking place? 

Our infrastructure has been built from the ground up and is a blended delivery model. This is aimed at providing a mix of sites in order to maximise speed of roll out, ensure safety, meet the needs of the characteristics of the vaccines, be as conveniently located as possible and, importantly make sure we give equitable access across the country and all communities. 

During the past week vaccinations were being administered in 476 locations across Wales, including:

  • 56 mass vaccination centres
  • 295 general practice locations
  • 43 pharmacies
  • 36 hospital locations
  • there were 39 mobile teams operating

Further information

UK Government are planning to make COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory for care home workers in England. We have no current plans to change the law to make vaccinations compulsory in Wales. To date uptake of the vaccine by our care home workers has been high, 92% have had their first dose and 87% have had their second dose to complete the course. We are working with our NHS and the care home sector to monitor this very closely. We will continue to ensure care home workers are provided with all the support and information they need to come forward for vaccination, unless they are medically exempt. We are also developing guidance for employers in all sectors about the vaccination programme.

Whilst people can choose whether to have the vaccine or not, we urge every eligible adult to take-up the offer of the coronavirus vaccine when it is their turn and no one who wants a vaccine will be left behind. Everyone eligible will receive information about the vaccination to help make up their minds if they have any concerns. 

Having very high levels of people who have had two doses in Wales gives us more options for the future, in terms of potentially living with fewer restrictions, especially if we can keep cases of coronavirus in the community at a low level.  

We are working hard to myth-bust false information about the COVID-19 vaccines. Public Health Wales has FAQs about the vaccine, safety and fertility. 

It is important that we maintain the current high-levels of vaccine uptake to keep Wales safe, this is for both first and second doses. Every dose administered and every person protected really does make a difference. The vaccines are safe and effective. Your second dose of vaccine is important for longer lasting protection against COVID-19 and against the Delta variant.

Public Health Wales publish daily and weekly surveillance data releases.

A range of information on our vaccination programme is available on our website, including guidance published relating to the priority groups. 

Welsh Government statisticians are also publishing some of the more operational statistics attached to the programme each week.