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The legal requirement to show a COVID Pass to enter certain venues and events in Wales has now been lifted by the Welsh Government, the Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport, Dawn Bowden has confirmed.

First published:
17 February 2022
Last updated:

The move comes as the Welsh Government continues to lift some of its remaining coronavirus protections as cases continue to fall.

From today, the domestic COVID Pass will no longer be required for entry into indoor or outdoor events and venues, including nightclubs, cinemas, theatres and concert halls. But events and venues will be able to continue to use it if they choose to.

The international COVID Pass will continue to be integral to arrangements for safer international travel. Travellers will need to check the relevant countries’ rules for entry, including any different requirements for children.

Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport, Dawn Bowden said:

“When it was introduced, the COVID Pass was part of a suite of measures to give people confidence, keep businesses open and to keep Wales safe.

“I’d like to thank all the sectors for their cooperation and feedback during this challenging time.

“With increasing numbers of people vaccinated and boosted and thanks to the hard work and efforts of everyone across Wales, we are confident that coronavirus rates are falling and we can look forward to brighter times ahead.