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How to create and edit the 'corporate information' content type on GOV.WALES.

First published:
15 January 2020
Last updated:

When to use

Before you create or edit content, you need to read and understand:

You should also have a version of the content ready for publication.

Use for corporate information about an organisation that has an organisation page. For example:

  • purpose of the organisation
  • service standards
  • terms of reference

Do not use for material produced as part of the organisation's work:

  • announcements
  • guides
  • publications
  • general information about the services

How to create

Creating new corporate information

  1. Log in to GOV.WALES and LLYW.CYMRU.
  2. Select the Workbench view in GOV.WALES (you must start on the English site).
  3. Select Create content.
  4. Select Corporate information.
  5. Complete the Title field.
  6. Complete the Summary field.
  7. If you want to split your content into sections, select Add Content section.
  8. Complete the Section title field.
  9. Select Add Content and paste content into the Content field.
  10. If you want to add more than one content section, repeat steps 6 to 8.
  11. Complete EXTERNAL ORGANISATION field with relevant organisation.
  12. Add a Review Date.
  13. Select Save and Create New Draft.
  14. To add the Welsh content, select Translate.
  15. Select Add from row labelled Welsh.
  16. Update fields with Welsh language content.
  17. To save changes without making them public select Save and Create New Draft (this translation). To save and make changes public select Save and publish (this translation).
  18. Publish the Welsh and the English and check both languages, for example layout is correct and links work.

Editing existing corporate information

  1. Find the existing corporate information either by browsing the public site or select Workbench then All recent content. You must do this on GOV.WALES as the English content must be edited first.
  2. Open the corporate information page.
  3. Select EDIT DRAFT or NEW DRAFT.
  4. Edit corporate information.
  5. Complete Revision log message (all languages) with brief summary of changes.
  6. To save changes without making them public select Save and Create New Draft (this translation). To save and make changes public select Save and publish (this translation).
  7. Make the same changes to the Welsh version of the corporate information.

Components available

Lists which components are available and how to use them if they are allowed.

Paragraphs: content

You must use the content paragraph for the majority of the page content.

Paragraphs: accordion

Do not use the accordion paragraph on corporate information.

Paragraphs: related links

Follow the related links definition to add related links.

Paragraphs: call out message

Do not use call out message on corporate information. 

Paragraphs: contact details

Do not use contact details on corporate information. 

Paragraphs: launcher

Do not use launchers on corporate information. 

Paragraphs: iFrame

Use only to embed a YouTube video.