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Farmers must follow these rules if they apply for payments under the basic payment scheme 2016.

First published:
5 October 2016
Last updated:

There are changes to:

  • SMR 8: sheep and goat identification. To reflect new identification rules for lambs intended for slaughter.
  • GAEC 5: soil and carbon stock. Minimum land management site specific conditions to limit erosion: to allow farmers to leave a rough surface, where site specific conditions that limit soil erosion can be demonstrated. However, if soil erosion occurs you may still be in breach of GAEC 4.
  • SMR 4: food and feed law: reflects new pre movement testing rules for cattle moving to or from common land.
  • Useful contact factsheet: updated to include new contact details for EID Cymru.

The verifiable standards for 2016 have been updated to reflect the changes to SMR 8 and GAEC 5.

New guidance for farmers considering leaving land with a rough surface has been produced.