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Late TB tests reduce your Basic Payment Scheme and any area based Rural Development Scheme payments.

Penalties apply to all late tests notified by a test notification letter from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). They apply whenever a test is 1 or more days overdue and increase as the test becomes more overdue.

TB skin testing
To avoid a penalty farmers must ensure all eligible animals are injected and read (TT2 date) before the last date of the testing window. For example, if the test must be completed before 6 April then the latest the test can be read is 5 April. 

Gamma interferon/IDEXX testing
To avoid penalty farmers must ensure that the necessary blood sample is taken before the due date set out in the Test Notification Letter. For example, if the test must be completed before 6 April, then the latest the blood sample can be taken is 5 April.

Book your tests as early as possible within the testing window.  This reduces the risk of penalties by giving you more time to allow for any unexpected delays.

Cross compliance verifiable standards defines severity based on how overdue a test is. The payment reduction matrix gives a percentage payment reduction based on the severity.

The APHA provide advice about testing.