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How we will use cyber resilience, skills and innovation to support our people, businesses, public services and economy.

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First published:
3 May 2023
Last updated:


The Cyber Action Plan sets out our vision for Wales to prosper through cyber resilience, talent and innovation. This means that people, businesses and public services are as secure and prepared against cyber-attacks as they can be. It also means that we have the right skills and workforce to achieve our vision and we have in place a thriving cyber economy.

To help achieve our vision we encourage organisations to work together, including:

  • industry
  • academia
  • government
  • wider public services
  • arm’s length bodies
  • law enforcement

The Cyber Action Plan identifies four priority areas:

  • Grow our cyber ecosystem
  • Build a pipeline of cyber talent
  • Strengthen our cyber resilience
  • Protect our public services

We worked with a range of stakeholders to develop the Plan which supports the Digital Strategy for Wales. The Digital Strategy for Wales outlines how we will use digital, data and technology to improve the lives of people in Wales. To achieve the aims of the Digital Strategy for Wales it's crucial to have:

  • effective cyber defence
  • a strong cyber business sector
  • people, businesses and public servants who are cyber aware