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A mother with her daughter reading from an ipad

Whatever language you speak at home, Welsh-medium education can give children additional skills and more opportunities for the future.

So even if you don’t speak Welsh yourself, why not consider Welsh-medium education for your child?

Extensive research shows that speaking more than one language can boost a child in many ways. Being bilingual could: 

  • make it easier to learn other languages and introduce children to different cultures and traditions

  • have a positive effect on the brain

  • be a distinct advantage when looking for work

Primary School

There are close to 450 Welsh-medium primary schools in Wales - there’s even a Welsh-medium primary in London. 

Welsh-medium education is offered in every county in Wales. Welsh is the main language of the classroom and the schoolyard in these schools. Your child will study and socialise in Welsh. Don't worry if you don't speak the language there is plenty of support to help with schoolwork. 

Go to My Local School or ask your local council to find out which Welsh-medium schools are in your area.

For more information and answers to common questions you can download the Welsh Government's Handbook to Welsh-medium Education or take a look at the Facebook page Cymraeg for Kids.

If you want to support your child at school but are unsure of your Welsh or do not speak it at all there are some handy tips for you here. 

Outside school

It's good to use Welsh outside the classroom, to help build your child’s confidence, and there are a number of organisations offering children opportunities to do just that. 

The Urdd youth movement organises different activities including sport, drama and residential camps, as well as shopping and foreign trips. Download their ‘Fy Ardal’ app to find out what’s on near you.  

Your local Menter iaith should have a wealth of opportunities for your child to socialise in Welsh, through classes and activities.  Your local council may also organise activities and courses in Welsh. 

There's lots more general information available in Welsh about the education system in Wales.