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A mother sitting in a chair holding her baby

However little Welsh you may know, speaking some words to your baby from birth is important since it gives your baby the best start to a bilingual life.

Get into the habit of using Welsh from day 1. Try a few words a day if you're unsure. Singing is a good way to communicate with your baby or you could sing Welsh language lullabies or play a CD. 

Check out our Events Calendar to see if your local Menter Iaith (language initiative) or other organisations also have any other specific parent and baby groups in your area e.g. baby yoga or baby music.

From six months onwards your baby's language skills will develop rapidly. This is the time to begin reading simple stories and turning the pages of picture books with your baby. Ask your local library for appropriate Welsh or bilingual books - there are many with simple Welsh and English words side by side so you can begin to learn the language alongside your child.

This is the time that your baby will start to mimic sounds and link words with objects. Learn some simple Welsh words and begin to use them every day with your child.