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A toddler playfully holding up two oranges to her eyes

Oliver moved from Tameside to Ceredigion with his partner Jen and daughter Jess.

Jess' Story

“When we moved to Ceredigion none of us spoke Welsh but it made sense for our daughter to go to the local school, where Welsh happened to be the main language. Jess never found learning two languages confusing — she just took it in her stride, picking it up gradually and copying other children. She now speaks Welsh extremely well. Jess never found learning two languages confusing.”

Jess has received very good school reports across the board. It hasn’t held her back in any way and she’s never had difficulty settling down. If Jess goes on to learn another language, I’m sure she’d find it easier as she has a better understanding of languages and how they’re constructed. We’ve moved to a different country with a different language. We’re learning more about Welsh culture through our child and it has helped make us feel part of the community.

Jen is now learning Welsh, not only so she can help our daughter, but also because it’s important for her career. She works in an environment where she’s able to communicate in Welsh. We love hearing Jess speak Welsh and hearing the dialect she has. It’s music to our ears and we’re very proud of her.”

Steve's Story

“I didn’t really start learning Welsh until I was an adult. When I think back I don’t know how I lived my life without it as it’s become such an important part of who I am and what I do. My wife and I have raised our children so that they feel completely comfortable using Welsh and English, giving them experiences and opportunities I missed out on as a child."

"When I set up my business, I wanted to ensure that we offered a fully bilingual service. That’s proved invaluable to us as a business — it’s something that sets us apart from some of our competitors and quite simply the company may well not still be here today unless we’d offered Welsh services from the outset. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Welsh language has changed my life.”