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A young child playing with toys

Even in the womb, babies can hear voices and music.

So if you’re keen to raise your child bilingually, now’s the time to start speaking and singing in Welsh to your baby.

Welsh songs

Do you remember Gee Ceffyl Bach, Dau Gi Bach and Mi Welais Jac y Do? Here’s your chance to pick up the old favourites once again, as well as learn a few new songs. There are dozens of Welsh language music CDs for children, from classics such as Dafydd Iwan and Edward’s Cwm-Rhyd-y-Rhosyn to new collections like Holl Anifeiliaid y Goedwig by the group Plu.

You can borrow CDs – as well as Welsh language books and DVDs – from the library or buy them online from Sain and Amazon or other websites.

You’ll also find plenty of information on the website of Mudiad Meithrin, a key organisation supporting early learning in Wales. Mudiad runs ‘Ti a Fi’ parent and baby groups and ‘cylchoedd meithrin’ nursery groups for children aged 2½ -4.

Welsh products

If you’re looking for an item of clothing or gift with a Welsh feel to welcome your new baby, there’s a wide choice of bibs and babygros with Welsh language slogans, as well as decorations and other goods to decorate the nursery.

Choosing a name

Welsh language names are very popular - have a look at our Welsh Names for Children page for suggestions and learn the meanings of some of them. The book Enwau Cymraeg i Blant/Welsh Names for Children by Heini Gruffudd has helped hundreds of parents find the perfect name for their child.

Language initiatives - Mentrau Iaith

Your local language initiative or Menter Iaith organises a range of Welsh language activities for all ages – some hold courses for prospective parents, as well as ‘buggy fitness’ classes for new mums and other groups for babies.

It’s also worth taking a look to see what activities are organised by your local authority.

Learn and Enjoy

Before long you’ll be making decisions about the world of education – you’ll find information about Welsh-medium schools on our Education pages. 

And even if you’re unsure of your Welsh or living with a non Welsh-speaking partner, it’s still possible to raise your child to speak the language. If you’d like to strengthen your Welsh language skills there are a number of courses available. Welsh for the Family lessons are also popular.