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A mother and father holding hands with a toddler on a muddy walk

Cymraeg for Kids sessions

Cymraeg for Kids sessions are a great opportunity for parents to socialise and to start using Welsh with their baby or toddler. Search for Cymraeg i Blant on Facebook to find out more. 

Cylch Ti a Fi

You can take your baby to a ‘Ti a Fi’ parent and toddler group where children play together, listen to Welsh stories and sing Welsh songs. There are more than 500 groups in communities across Wales and non-Welsh-speaking parents and carers are warmly welcomed.

Cylch Meithrin

Mudiad Meithrin organises Cylch Meithrin nursery groups across Wales for children from two years old until they go to primary school. It’s an important age when it comes to learning a language and children get the chance to learn through play in Welsh.

Nursery Unit

Some primary schools have Welsh-medium or bilingual nursery units for three-year-olds.

Primary School

Welsh-medium education is offered in every county in Wales. Welsh is the main language of the classroom and the schoolyard in Welsh-medium primary schools. Your child will study and socialise in Welsh. If you don’t speak the language some schools offer support to help with schoolwork.

Secondary School

A number of Welsh-medium and bilingual secondary schools perform well, with some amongst the best in the country. Your child will study most subjects through the medium of Welsh or bilingually.