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Changes to medical certification of cause of death and the role of medical examiners.

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First published:
14 December 2023
Last updated:


From April 2024, these reforms will improve safeguards for the public. Medical examiners will give extra scrutiny of the medical circumstances and cause of death, and make sure the right deaths are referred to coroners.

Draft regulations relating to death certification and the role of medical examiners in Wales are published for information. These should be read alongside draft regulations and an overview of the death certification reforms published by the UK Government which provides the basis for the reforms and regulations that apply to England and Wales.

Comments can be sent to for Wales, or for the UK Government, by 12 January 2024.

Please note that all comments will be considered but will not receive an individual response.

Target audience

  • NHS and social care organisations
  • local government
  • central government
  • bereavement services
  • funeral industry
  • professional and regulatory bodies
  • religious or faith groups
  • coroner services
  • healthcare professionals
  • registration services