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Data showing activity of qualifiers by mode, level, region of employment and satisfaction of study choice three and a half years after graduation for September 2012 to August 2013.

This data provides information from the Longitudinal Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey of leavers from UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), who qualified in 2012/13. These students were asked about their main activities as at winter 2016/17. The headline focuses on the 5,160 UK higher education students who qualified from Welsh HEIs and who responded to the survey.

This is the final Longitudinal Destinations of Leavers survey. It will be replaced by the Graduate Outcomes record in 2020. The Graduate Outcomes record will survey leavers 15 months after graduating.

Main points

  • At three and a half years after graduation, 81 in 100 graduates from Welsh HEIs who responded to the survey were in employment, similar to the previous proportions of graduates at this point.
  • Of the graduates from Welsh HEIs in paid full-time employment, 68 in 100 were earning over £21,000. This is the lowest proportion in any region of the UK.
  • For those in employment, 69 in 100 people originally from Wales were working in Wales three and a half years later.  In comparison, only 55 in 100 people who studied in Wales were working there three and a half years later.
  • Of those who found a job in Wales within six months of graduating anywhere in the UK, 81 in 100 were still in Wales three year and a half years later.

Response rates

The 5,160 respondents from Welsh HEIs come from a potential population of 15,340, a response rate of 39.4%. Across all domiciles, levels and modes of study, there were 42,300 qualifiers from Welsh HEIs in 2012/13.


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