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What to do if you have problems paying tax on time to the Welsh Revenue Authority and help to pay.

First published:
9 May 2022
Last updated:

If you have difficulties paying

It’s important to tell us as soon as possible about any difficulty you have or expect to have in paying us.

We encourage anyone facing financial difficulty to contact us:

Rydym yn croesawu galwadau a gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg / We welcome calls and correspondence in Welsh.

When you get in touch, we’ll ask you about your situation to allow us to explore all options to help you pay your tax bill.

What we may consider

There are a range of options available, and we’ll discuss with you which is the most suitable to your specific situation.

These options are only used in cases of significant financial hardship. We may ask for some information to review before agreeing any specific option, such as bank statements.

Daily interest will still be added based on the amount owed, and you may still be charged penalties.

If you do not engage with us or refuse to pay, you may have to pay more later, and we may need to take enforcement action to recover what you owe us.

Help and extra support

You may want to seek further advice from a solicitor, tax advisor or accountant.

If you’re struggling to pay us with other creditors, you can get free financial or debt advice.

You can also authorise someone to act on your behalf.