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Framework updates.

First published:
3 November 2022
Last updated:

Pipeline planning functionality 

We anticipate the pipeline planning functionality will be available on Sell2wales by April 2023, with user testing in the months running up to April.

Policy mapping tool

Our policy mapping tool will provide guidance to buyers on how they can support policy priorities through procurement. We are looking for a supplier to design and build the tool, with the opportunity recently being advertised on the CCS digital outcomes framework. We have completed the sift stage and will be issuing invitations to the next stage of the process shortly. We anticipate the contract will be awarded in December 2022.

Procurement Reform - Transparency

In preparation for the Procurement Bill and the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Bill, the Welsh public sector will need to implement new procurement reform notices. To enable the Welsh public sector to meet future notice requirements, we have completed the ‘as is’ stage of the independent review of the end-to-end Procurement lifecycle (systems and processes) and moved to the desired ‘to be’ options.

Single sign-on Cymru

We are in the process of planning the implementation of a single sign-on function for eTenderwales (buyers + suppliers) through single sign-on Cymru on Sell2wales, which will include some important data cleansing activities.

Procurement Centre of Excellence

Curshaw Ltd has been awarded the contract to deliver the Alpha stage of the Procurement Centre of Excellence, and work is now underway to set up the pilot.

The pilot will provide practical support to Welsh public sector to help reach our Net Zero goal, as well as building a commercial and procurement capability and leadership learning programme.