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What we’re doing to make sure everybody who wants to be online can get online.

First published:
18 March 2022
Last updated:

Digital inclusion strategy

The Digital Strategy for Wales outlines how we will use digital, data and technology to improve the lives of people in Wales. Mission 2: digital inclusion describes how we will help people to access the internet and realise the many benefits of the digital world.

Our digital strategy delivery plan details the actions we will take to achieve the priorities in our digital strategy.

Our digital inclusion forward look describes what we will focus on to help people do a range of activities online, including:

  • communicating effectively
  • searching the web
  • being safe and legal online

The forward look includes data summarising the current state of digital inclusion and skills. Find out what we've done since December 2020 in our digital inclusion progress report and final report.

Our Guide on how to make a service inclusive is aimed at the public sector. It will help us work towards Mission 1, public services, to design them around the needs of the people who use them.

Digital Communities Wales

Statistics and research

We collect information on:

  • household internet access
  • personal use of the internet
  • basic digital skills
  • online activity

Find internet and media statistics and research in the National Survey for Wales.