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Data on overnight trips by British residents to destinations throughout Britain for 2021.

The statistics in this release are based on a new combined online survey that replaces the separate Great Britain Tourism Survey and Great Britain Day Visits Survey that ran until the end of 2019. Further information is provided in the methodology and quality section of this publication on changes to the survey that limit comparability with the published estimates for 2019 and previous years.

This release provides revised estimates for all reported measures including the estimates of the volume and value of overnight trips taken in Wales and Great Britain. Two separate revisions have been made to the survey data. The first revision is designed to manage the impact of individual reported trips that were identified as having a disproportionate impact on the overall estimates of trip volumes and expenditure.

The second revision involves a recalibration of the volume and value estimates for the period from April 2021 to April 2022, due to a change in survey questions implemented in May 2022. Analysis showed that the change led to a substantial and unexpected reduction in trip volumes reported from May 2022 onwards. The effect of these revisions has been to reduce the monthly and total estimates for trip volume and expenditure reported in this publication for the period from April 2021 to December 2021, to make them comparable with estimates reported from May 2022 onwards. Where data in a table or chart has been revised, this is noted in the title of the table or chart.


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