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Higher education stories: Sheri from Swansea

Swansea PR manager receives grant for part-time Master’s to develop her career

Sheri Hall, age 29 from Swansea, is advancing her career by studying part-time for an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Working for in Public Relations (PR) and communications, Sheri was considering an MBA in order to develop her understanding of business and to boost her professional career. 

Sheri says:

“I wasn’t sure if I could afford the course and I didn’t want to add more to my existing student debt, but I thought that now was as good a time as ever to apply.”

Sheri has since completed the first module of her three-year Master’s which she is studying part-time while working full-time at

Sheri says:

“I was over the moon to be accepted onto the course, and was even happier when committed to fund half my course fees and study alongside my current role as PR and Corporate Communications Manager.

I applied for finance to fund the rest of my course and qualified to receive the full grant from the Welsh Government student finance package. I can’t really believe I’m able to do a Master’s without having to fund any of it myself. If I didn’t have the full grant I would seriously have to consider whether I could do the course as it would not be easy to finance this myself.”

Don't let money get in the way of university

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