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A summary of the board's purpose and how it will work (revised June 2019).


Delivery Board manages and progresses the operational business of the programme of work outlined in Education in Wales: Our national mission (the programme). The board monitors delivery and performance, ensures robust processes are followed, and makes recommendations in respect of decisions to be ratified by the programme Change Board. The board can escalate matters to Change Board for additional assurance where necessary and helps identify programme risks and suggests mitigation measures to address them.

Key tasks

The board will:

  • monitor and drive delivery against key programme milestones for partners and Welsh Government
  • make recommendations in respect of decisions which contribute to the achievement of the programme’s high level objectives and their associated actions
  • recommend escalation of work for further sign off, and
  • provide direction and leadership in respect of communications to partners, ensuring that internal and external stakeholders are engaged and informed throughout the delivery of the programme.

Roles and responsibilities

Board members are responsible for:

  • providing advice and guidance on the direction of the programme, and
  • cascading information, actions and decisions arising from board meetings to the teams/organisations they represent.

Frequency of meetings

The board normally meets monthly, but meetings may vary in frequency to be aligned to key programme decision-making points. Where necessary, decisions can be made out of committee.


The board is serviced by the Welsh Government Education Directorate’s programme team.


Membership of Change Board includes representation at Assistant Director, Deputy Director and equivalent level from the middle tier including local authorities, diocesan authorities, regional education consortia, Estyn, Qualifications Wales and the Education Workforce Council.


  • Estyn
  • Qualifications Wales
  • Association of Directors of Education in Wales
  • Central South Consortium (CSC)
  • Education Achievement Service (EAS)
  • Education through Regional Working (ERW)
  • North Wales consortium (GwE)
  • Education Workforce Council (EWC) (to be confirmed)
  • Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) (to be confirmed)
  • Diocesan Directors of Education Wales
  • Colegau Cymru
  • Wales Audit Office (to be confirmed)
  • National Academy for Educational Leadership (NAEL) (to be confirmed)
  • Welsh Government – Education Business Planning and Governance
  • Welsh Government - Curriculum
  • Welsh Government – Schools Effectiveness
  • Welsh Government – Pedagogy, Leadership and Professional Learning
  • Welsh Government – Support for Learners
  • Welsh Government – Welsh Language
  • Welsh Government – Knowledge and Analytical Services
  • Welsh Government – Engagement – Schools and Young People
  • Welsh Government – Internal Audit
  • Welsh Government - Skills, Higher Education and Lifelong Learning