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How we will assess the condition of all schools and colleges to develop a zero carbon route map.

First published:
28 July 2023
Last updated:


We have commissioned Aecom Ltd to provide a baseline assessment of the condition of the education state in Wales. The survey will include all state funded schools and further education colleges. It will enable us to develop a net zero carbon route map for each asset. This will assist local authorities and colleges in the decarbonisation of the education estate across Wales.

For each element that can contribute to decarbonisation the survey will assess:

  • condition
  • performance
  • lifespan

The results will form a high-level investment grade proposal on how to achieve a phased (elemental), value for money low carbon solution. This will be available on a building-by-building level.

Pilot surveys will be conducted prior to the main surveys in September 2023. They will be approved in consultation with the Consortium of Local Authorities Wales (CLAW).


The surveys will collect high-level information on elements that:

  • can contribute to the decarbonisation of the education estate
  • link into the condition and life span of those elements

The surveys will not include grounds or go into any detail on finishes within buildings.

Each delivery partner will receive a report on the outcome of the survey. This will include:

  • an assessment of carbon saved
  • how close to net zero any proposal can be made
  • maintaining value for money

Preliminary meeting

Aecom Ltd will arrange a preliminary virtual meeting. This will establish a baseline and background data prior to any site visit. Where meetings are not possible a questionnaire can be completed.

The information requested will include:

  • utility usage
  • known issues
  • any planned works

Further details will be shared with participants prior to the meeting.

PAS 2038 guidance ( will be followed up to and including the preparation of an improvement plan per building or site. 

Implementation of feasibility, design, specifying and procuring the solutions will not form part of this commission. This will be for consideration at a local level by the individual delivery partners. 

Data collection

Data will be collated on software developed by Aecom called Ocean. This has been customised to provide the specific needs of our commission. Each delivery partner will have access to the system and their data will be available to download.

The data collected from the surveys will be utilised by Aecom to create the route map for each property giving an indication of:

  • carbon savings of each step
  • whether net zero carbon is achievable without off site offsetting

Surveys will typically take one day per school with 2 surveyors and 2 days for larger schools with access to all areas. Separate aerial photographs will be taken so as to eliminate the need for roof access.

What is expected of you

Your assistance and active involvement is vital to produce a meaningful and constructive outcome. This will inform us of the high level position and provide a useful tool for the future of the education estate and the communities we serve. 

You will be asked to:

  • provide access to all areas when the surveyors are on site
  • complete the pre survey and upload data to the Ocean platform for energy use

This may need input from different areas of your organisation. We ask that this information is disseminated to all concerned.


The pilot surveys will be carried out over the summer. Any amendments will be agreed prior to the full survey commencing.

Aecom will make initial contacts during September. The national programme of surveys will commence in October 2023 and complete within 12 months. 

A schedule of surveys is not currently available to enable maximum flexibility.

Aecom will have teams across Wales. The timeline at a local level will be determined by best timeslots and geographical locations of the surveyors. Progress will be monitored through regular meetings.