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The latest eProcurement news.

First published:
28 February 2022
Last updated:

Next eProcurement user group

The procurement digital action plan has entered its delivery phase. If you are a buyer and would like to be updated on progress, our next eProcurement user group takes place on Wednesday, 16 March.

If you would like attend the next user group, please e-mail:

Supplier Qualification Information Database (SQuId)

The SQuID functionality is being removed from Sell2Wales in April for all new tenders. Any new tenders should now use the Single Procurement Document (SPD).

eTrading for school

eTrading for schools will no longer be available after 31 March 2022. If you have any queries on this, please e-mail:

New user interface for eTenderWales

In March, a major Jaggaer release 22.1 will be implemented on eTenderWales which will improve the user experience and interface. The release will not change the underlying functionality of eTenderWales. Further information is available here.

Transparency and open contracting data standard (OCDS)

We are working on the Wales procurement policy note to support the introduction of transparency as part of our implementation of the OCDS. We will update customers as we progress through the drafting process.

Pipeline planning and policy mapping tools

We will shortly be hosting user research sessions to assist with work relating to the digital action plan. Specifically, this will be around improving the visibility of our procurement pipelines, and improving how we map and report policy outcomes.

We will be building 2 prototypes to demonstrate the potential functionality of pipeline planning and policy mapping. These prototypes will be used during user research sessions to gather feedback for the final specification.

If you would like to be a part of this user research, e-mail:

Award training

Training is available to customers who use Award for evaluations. If you are interested, please e-mail: