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First published:
16 November 2021
Last updated:

Single Procurement Document (SPD)

We have been working with the service providers of Sell2Wales and eTenderWales to improve the functionality of the Single Procurement Document (SPD), allowing interchangeable use between the two systems. We have finished working on this and it is now available for use.

The SPD replaces the Supplier Qualification Information Database (SQuID) function. It was brought into legislation under the EU to simplify the tendering process for suppliers.

Now, Welsh public sector buyers can export a created SPD from Sell2Wales, and import into a tender within eTenderWales. Suppliers can respond to questions in eTenderwales and their responses will be stored against their profiles in eTenderWales. SPD should now be the default for tenders.

For tenders created and published via Sell2Wales, suppliers will need to respond to the SPD in Sell2Wales. There is full guidance in the supplier help section on how to do this.

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