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The latest eProcurement news.

First published:
8 September 2021
Last updated:


PUBLIC, the supplier undertaking the discovery phase for eProcurement in Wales on our behalf, has been working with the Centre for Digital Public Services. They have already conducted a number of interviews with stakeholders across the Welsh public sector. They have also held 32 interviews with suppliers, including with current tool providers. They issued a supplier survey at the end of July which was also promoted through Sell2Wales. So far PUBLIC have received and analysed over 80 responses – 30% of which are from Welsh SMEs. If you know of a supplier that may not be registered on Sell2Wales, and you would like them to be involved and contribute to the discovery please ask them to complete the survey by going to:

Survey in Welsh
Survey in English

They also undertook usability tests in a test environment for existing tools throughout August.

PUBLIC will be running a User feedback session on the 18 April 2022 – if you are interested in attending please contact If you cannot attend the session will be recorded – just request a copy from

eProcurement contract expiry dates

The end / review dates for our eProcurement Contracts are as follows:

eTenderwales Jaggaer 31 March 2022 (option to extend built into contract)
eTrading Wales Basware 31 March 2023 (option to terminate built into contract if funding not available beyond 31 March 2022)
Sell2Wales Millstream / Proactis 31 October 2022
ePaymentWales Barclaycard 22 December 2023

Budgets across Welsh Government have not yet been confirmed for next year, but we have submitted the appropriate paperwork to our Finance team and we are now waiting for the budget process to complete.  We will update you on the outcome when we can.

Data retention

If you use eTenderwales and Sell2Wales please remember that documents should be extracted from the system and stored in your organisation’s own document storage system, in line with your document retention policy. Our eProcurement systems are not intended to be document storage systems. Any data that you wish to retain needs to be extracted and stored appropriately for each procurement.

Privacy notices: Sell2wales

A large proportion of Privacy notices are missing from buyer profiles in Sell2wales. In order to ensure these links remain up to date and accurate, please can you check and update/add a link to your organisations Privacy Notice within your buyer profile on Sell2wales. Once completed, please email this link to the ICT mailbox ( so we can ensure your organisation is added to Sell2Wales.

Single Procurement document (SPD)

SPD is in the final stages of User Acceptance Test fixes. We anticipate it will be available to use in eTenderwales by the end of September. Once available, we will send details to all buyers and suppliers registered within the systems. SQuID will be removed from sell2wales by the end of 2021. 

Jaggaer 21.2 release

The JAGGAER 21.2 release has been available since 26 July 2021. Release notes for this version can be found here.

The next releases are scheduled as follows:

  • 21.3 - November 15 2021
  • 22.1 - April 4 2022

Dun & Bradstreet

A new Fair Usage Policy document will be circulated in the coming few days outlining the updated user and licence management process moving forward.

All approved users utilising the tool will be required to adhere to the updated policy to ensure fair and proportionate usage across all organisations.

The policy will enable us to maximise our use of D&B across all organisations.

eTrading for schools

eTrading for schools was established in 2010 under the Xchangewales programme, with the aim of providing schools with a suite of centrally managed catalogues in order to create procurement efficiencies. Support for the service ended in 2017 and whilst a small number of catalogues remain live on the portal, the content (including options and pricing) are no longer vetted or assessed. As a result of this lack of management and low usage, we will close the portal from March 2022. Schools can be supported by a Welsh Purchasing Card solution in future. 

For further information on this service, please contact the ICT Procurement Team on or at Barclaycard.

Sell2Wales quick quotes

Did you know Sell2Wales has a quick and easy online quotation facility? Quick Quotes - allows buyers to obtain competitive quotes electronically for low value requirements. A user guide and video are available on Sell2Wales.