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The evaluation of the Social Services and Well-being Act was made up of different stages, all of which resulted in different reports.

First published:
30 March 2023
Last updated:


The evaluation started with a framework for change and literature review, which explained the background research as well as analysing how the Act could impact on individuals.

These were followed by a process evaluation, which looked at the workforce's perceptions of the implementation of the Act. This was done both before and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research was conducted to understand the experiences and expectations of service users and carers and how these had changed following the implementation of the Act.

Five themed reports based around the main principles of the Act have brought together evidence from a range of sources.

These have been used to inform the final report, which makes overall conclusions from the evaluation. It makes recommendations for the social care sector to take forward.

Framework for change and literature review

The framework for change analysed the contextual factors that would impact on the implementation of the Act in Wales. This document also outlines the short-, medium- and long-term expected outcomes of the Act.  

The literature review analysed research papers and other documents relating to the Act and it’s five principles.

Process evaluation

Two process evaluations have been conducted in order to understand the perspectives of the workforce in relation to the implementation of the Act. The first process evaluation focused on how the Act had changed their working practices. The second process evaluation focussed on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on implementing the Act.

Evaluation evidence from service users and carers

Service users and carers have provided invaluable insight into how the Act has changed their expectations and experiences of social care in Wales.

Themed evidence papers

The final report is supported by five research reports each of which draws on different methodology and provides evidence and findings regarding each of the five principles of the Act.

Final report

Building on all the research undertaken, the final report presents overall conclusions from the evaluation. It makes recommendations in the form of ‘test questions’ for the social care sector to take forward.