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This research is a quick reference guide providing a general overview of the evidence in different areas related to socio-economic deprivation.

To support the implementation of the Socio-economic Duty, the report provides a summary of key evidence relating to how socio-economic disadvantage affects the people of Wales. It particularly focuses on how it affects those with protected characteristics as well as communities of place and interest.

It highlights the intersectionality that is key when examining socio-economic deprivation and summarises the key inequalities of outcome that certain groups face.

This report is structured under six key themes:

  1. education
  2. work
  3. living standards
  4. health
  5. justice
  6. participation

It can be used as a source of evidence for policymakers and public bodies implementing the Socio-economic Duty.

Revision note

There was an error in the previous version of this report. It was noted that over 200,000 people in the UK continue to live over a 10 minute walk from green spaces. The correct statistic is that over 200,000 people in Wales continue to live over a 10-minute walk from green spaces. This error has now been corrected.


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