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Programmes to help tackle child poverty and boost skills will receive extra funding in the final Budget, which is laid today, Finance Minister Rebecca Evans today said.

First published:
18 December 2018
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

An extra £12 million will fund measures to create apprenticeships across Wales and a further £2 million will be used to help parents meet the costs of sending their children to school and extend the successful school summer holiday Food and Fun programme.

The final Budget will also include the package of additional revenue and capital funding proposals for local government in 2019-20 and £26 million to increase support for high street retailers and other businesses.

The final Budget 2019-20 includes:

  • An extra £6.8 million revenue in 2019-20 to support the Welsh Government’s flagship commitment to deliver 100,000 all-age apprenticeships this Assembly term
  • An extra £4.771 million revenue in 2019-20 to support further education pay
  • A further £2 million to help tackle child poverty through:
    • An additional £1.6 million to further extend the PDG Access scheme, which helps parents meet the everyday costs of sending their children to school. This is in addition to the funding announced in the draft Budget to double the scheme.
    • An additional £0.4 million revenue in 2019-20 to extend the school holiday Fun and Food programme, which provides children with a meal and access to learning during the school summer holidays.

Rebecca Evans said:

“Apprenticeships are vital for helping people gain high-quality vocational training and providing opportunities for businesses and the economy to thrive.

“We are also committed to tackling child poverty in Wales. The PDG Access scheme and the Food and Fun programme provide important help to children who most need our support.”

These funding allocations are in addition to the package of additional funding measures for local government – worth £141.5 million over 3 years (2018 to 2021) – announced in November.

The Welsh Government has also announced a £26 million package in 2019-20 to enhance and extend the existing high street rates relief scheme.

The Minister for Finance added:

“The final Budget 2019-20 has been developed against the backdrop of continued austerity and the shadow cast by the ongoing uncertainty associated with Brexit.

“When we published our draft proposals, we committed to local government being a key priority for any additional funding following the UK Autumn Budget.

“I am pleased we have been able to make further allocations and invest in the services people rely on.”

The final Budget sets out the Welsh Government’s spending plans for 2019-20 and capital plans to 2021.

All the final Budget documents are available in English and Welsh on the Welsh Government’s website.

A debate on the final Budget for 2019-20 will take place on 15 January 2019.