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A summary of the forum's purpose and how it will work.


Membership of the Faith Communities Forum shall be comprised of 2 representatives from each of the Baha’I, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh faith communities and Evangelical Alliance Wales. A representative from each of the Church in Wales, the Roman Catholic Church in Wales, the Free Church Council, Churches Together in Wales (CYTUN) and Interfaith Council for Wales.

The Welsh Government is represented by the First Minister. The First Minister is the Chair of the Forum. The Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children is the Deputy Chair.


3. The Faith Communities Forum aims to facilitate dialogue between the Welsh Government and the major faith communities on any matters affecting the economic, social and cultural life in Wales.

4. Within this broad definition, any matters of concern to faith communities in Wales can be raised and similarly, any matters on which politicians might wish to consult faith communities can also be appropriate for discussion and consideration by the Forum.

5. The Forum aims to create opportunities for faith communities to speak for themselves in this dialogue, it is not intended however that the Forum should represent a collective view on behalf of the faith communities.


6. The Forum shall normally meet twice yearly and be called for by the leaders of the faith communities or the First Minister.

7. The Secretariat for the Forum shall be provided by Welsh Government officials from the Equality Team.