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Use this map to find disused coal tips and their safety categorisation.

First published:
14 November 2023
Last updated:


This map shows the location and boundaries all disused category C and D coal tips in Wales. 

It has been published so that members of the public are aware of where disused coal tips are, and the work that Welsh Government and our partners are doing in relation to coal tip safety. 

A map displaying the location and boundaries of disused coal tips rated as category A, B and R can be seen on Data Map Wales.


Disused coal tip categories

Disused coal tips category C

Category C


Disused coal tips category D

Category D


Descriptions of the categories.

The Disused Coal Tip Location Map reflects the information available as of 14th November 2023. This map will be updated from time to time to reflect any changes.

Each coal tip has been given a unique identification number (UID) for ease of reference. Tips are coloured differently according to their tip category rating (see the legend below the map).

Tip boundaries are visible up to a scale of 1:25,000. This is considered the most appropriate scale to show locations of tips in the context of their local area within existing copyright constraints.

The extents of the tips have been created from multiple sources including height mapping, aerial photography, and historic maps.

This data contains information that is under copyright and is for personal use only. It cannot be used for commercial purposes


Click and drag in the map frame to move the map around. 
Use the +- buttons to zoom in or out.

Click within a tip area to see details for that tip, including it’s unique identification number (UID), category rating, and the relevant local authority.


Our online digital web maps of the disused coal tips are expected to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the map does not work, you may wish to check your internet connection and/or use a different internet browser. If the problems persist it could be due to an unexpected outage of the service or that traffic on the site is high, so you could try again later on.  If the problems persist, contact us.