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  1. Apologies.     10.00
  2. Introductions.     
  3. Declaration of Interests.  
  4. Minutes of the meeting held on 30.11.23, and Matters Arising.    10.10
  5. Chair’s Announcements.     10.15
  6. Items from the Regional Groups.     10.20
  7. Welsh Government Sustainable Farming Scheme - Mark Alexander, Deputy Director Agriculture.    10.35
  8. Sustainable Farming Scheme Consultation, Preliminary Draft Committee Response – Paul Williams.    11.00
    ---------Break---------    11.20
  9. Managing Flood Impacts in Wales 2050: Review by the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales – To receive an update from Commissioners Eluned Parrott and Dr Eurgain Powell.    11.30
  10. Communities at Risk Register – David Tarrant and Simon James, Lead Specialist Advisors, Flood Risk Analysis, Natural Resources Wales.    12.00    
    ---------Lunch Break---------    12.45
  11. Welsh Government Environmental Sustainability Directorate: Skills and Capacity Review - Alison Kitchener, Programme Lead for Local Places for Nature.    13.25
  12. Welsh Government FCERM Update – Dr Leanne Llewellyn, Head of Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management.    13.50
  13. Sub-Committees 

    13.1    Policy & Legislation Sub-Committee – To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 30th January 2024, and to consider the following report – Legislative Change Report: Ministerial Response – Implications for the Committee and proposed way forward.    14.05

    13.2    Research Sub-Committee - To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 14th December 2023, and to consider the proposed terms of reference.    14.35    

    13.3    Resources Sub-Committee – To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 18th January 2024    14.40

  14. Reports     
    14.1    Long Term Investment Requirements – Ross Akers, Manager,  & Dafydd Sidgwick, Lead Specialist Advisor,  Strategic Planning and Investment, Natural Resources Wales.    14.45

    14.2    Committee Work Programme - To receive the report of the Chair on the update of the Work Programme, and to consider the recommendation that the updated Work Programme be approved.    15.15
  15. Any other business previously notified to the Chair.    15.25
  16. Date and venue of next meeting – Thursday 23rd May 2024, WLGA offices, Cardiff.     

    Close    15.30