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  1. Apologies     10.00
  2. Introductions     10.05
  3. Declaration of Interests    10.10
  4. Minutes of the meeting held on 28.01.21, and Matters Arising    10.15
  5. Chair’s Announcements     10.20
  6. Items from the Regional Groups    10.25
  7. “Storm Christoph and the Skewen Flood Event - event overview, multi-agency emergency response and the transition into the recovery stage”. Presentation by Steve Owen, Highways & Drainage Services Manager; James Davies, Drainage Manager; and Richard Colman, Drainage Engineer, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.    10.40

    ---------Break---------    11.20
  8. “Accessing insurance for flood-risk communities”:  Presentation by Alastair Ross, Assistant Director, Head of Public Policy (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Association of British Insurers.    11.30
  9. “How Flood Re makes insurance more available and affordable for people at risk of flooding”: Presentation by Dermot Kehoe, Communications and Transition Director, Flood Re.    12.00
  10. Reports  10.1    Agriculture (Wales) White Paper – James Owen, Deputy Director, Land Management Reform Division, Welsh Government; and to note the Committee’s response to the consultation.    12.30

    ---------Lunch Break---------        13.00

    10.2    Flood & Coastal Erosion Committee Annual Report 2021 – To agree the Annual Report.    13.30

    10.3    Resources Sub-Committee – To receive the Interim Report of the Sub-Committee, and the minutes of its meetings held on 11.02.21 and 14.04.21.     13.45

    10.4    Policy & Legislation Sub-Committee – To receive the minutes of its meeting held on 23.03.21.    14.15

    10.5    Committee Work Programme - To receive the report of the Chair, and to consider the recommendation that the updated Work Programme be approved.                   14.30
  11. Any other business previously notified to the Chair.    14.50
  12. Date and venue of next meeting – 23.09.2021, Newport Civic Centre, Godfrey Road, Newport, NP20 4UR.    

Close    15.00