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A summary of the purpose of the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board.

Purpose of the board

The purpose of the board is to grow, promote and enhance the reputation of the Welsh food and drink industry to deliver the ‘Towards Sustainable Growth: An Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry 2014-2020’.

This plan targets 30% growth in the industry by the year 2020 which the board will work towards achieving through:

  • Working in partnership with industry and government to develop markets, promote growth and safeguard our natural resources
  • Developing a skilled workforce and an innovative industry with cutting edge products and processes
  • Working within the spirit of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015
  • Being an effective and useful part of industry and government
  • Improving perception of Welsh food and drink.

The board

The work of the board acknowledges and supports the 7 Foundations for the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act. The foundations apply to all that we do, and include the Food and Drink sector.

  1. Children need to be given the best start in life from very early years
  2. Future generations need thriving communities built on a strong sense of place
  3. Living within global environmental limits, managing our resources efficiently and valuing our environment is critical
  4. Investing in growing our local economy is essential for the well-being of future generations
  5. Well-being of all depends on reducing inequality and a greater value on diversity
  6. Greater engagement in the democratic process, a stronger citizen voice and active participation in decision making is fundamental for the well-being of future generations
  7. Celebrating success, valuing our heritage, culture and language will strengthen our identity for future generations.

The board’s role is principally to provide leadership and direction for the industry in Wales, encourage networking and the sharing of information and to advise Welsh Government Ministers.

The board will consider growth targets, strategic priorities and help promote action to deliver and achieve the expected strategic outcomes. The board will also advise on implementation and the resources necessary to deliver these strategic outcomes. The board will also provide direction on improving the skill base in the sector attracting new entrants and retaining skills professionals.

The Board is accountable to the Welsh Government Ministers with the aim of eventually becoming independent of government (for example, it may develop in to a food business membership organisation). The board is not a legal entity and has no legal responsibilities or executive functions. Welsh Government officials will attend meetings as observers.


The board consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson (both elected) and 12 further members all selected via a quasi-public appointment process with the relevant skills and experience and agreed by Welsh Government Ministers.

Members will encompass whole food supply chain representation but will act in an individual capacity rather than specifically as an official representative of particular segments of the industry.

Members will operate in accordance with the 7 Principles of Public Life.

Role and responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the board are:

  • Leadership in the food industry
  • Advisory to ministers and officials
  • Communicate, promote, encourage and champion the industry
  • Partnership with government, industry stakeholders and other advisory groups/ bodies to Welsh Government
  • Monitor and evaluate, provide analysis of industry developments, trends and opportunities

The board will provide Welsh Government Ministers with an annual report – an Annual Food Sector Update Report – and this will be shared with the National Assembly for Wales. The board will be supported in this endeavour by the Welsh Government’s Food Policy Group.

The Welsh Government will undertake a mid-term review of progress in delivering actions in the plan and achieving outcomes, and the board will advise and provide recommendations for revised and new priorities.


The board is expected to meet at least 4 times a year, with members expected to be available to work a minimum of one day per 3 months. Location of meetings will be decided by the Chair in discussions with the members of the board.

Confidentiality/Chatham House rules

The Chatham House Rule will apply to meetings in whole or in part.

Conflict of interest

The Chair and Members must declare any personal or business interest.

Support Team

The Welsh Government’s Food Policy Team is providing secretariat support to the board until the board becomes independent of government.