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Menus and recipes for breakfasts, meals, snacks and drinks for children in your care.

The recipes provided are to serve 5 or 20 children under 5 years old. Recipes can be adapted for larger or smaller groups and they give suggestions of how to adapt them for younger infants.

All recipes meet current dietary recommendations for this age group and follow the Welsh Government's best practice guidance for childcare settings.

For settings providing meals for older children – refer to the section on light meals and teas in the best practice guidance and suggestions for adapting the recipes.

Allergen information

Each recipe and ingredient list states which if the 14 allergens covered by EU and UK food labelling legislation are present. If you are preparing food for a child with a food allergy, always make sure you check the packaging for all ingredients and products you are using.

More information about allergies can be found in the best practice guidance.


The best practice guidance on food and nutrition for childcare settings is temporarily unavailable. It is being reviewed to reflect current food safety advice. 

Best practice guidance

Our guidance provides detailed information about providing nutritional and well balanced meals, snacks and drinks for children up to 12 years that you look after.