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Why we avoid FAQs on GOV.WALES and how to get support if you are asked questions frequently through call-centres or correspondence.

First published:
5 February 2021
Last updated:

We avoid using FAQs on GOV.WALES. This is because the things that users need to know is often hidden within an FAQ page. Users need to work harder to find content and understand it.

Problems with FAQs:

  • often duplicate content already on the site
  • users cannot find content by searching as they search for something specific, for example ‘blue badge’, rather than ‘FAQs’
  • difficult to put the most important words first to help users quickly understand (known as 'front-loading’)
  • are longer than necessary and not active voice
  • users cannot easily scan them, for example as they use more words than needed


If you're getting questions that are frequently asked, from users, please get in touch with your web manager or content designer. They will help you and work out the best solution for those user needs.