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Headcount and full-time equivalent of GPs and other staff working in general practices across Wales, as at 31 March 2022.

The main source of data used is the Wales National Workforce Reporting System (WNWRS) which has been supplied and validated by NHS Shared Services Partnership.

Main points

In Wales, as at 31 March 2022, there were 389 active GP practices with:

  • 2,324 fully qualified GPs with a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) of 1,581.0 (or 68.0% of the headcount); this includes partners, providers, salaried, retainers and active locums only
  • 438 GP registrars (trainee GPs) with an FTE of 391.5 (or 89.4% of the headcount)
  • 7,976 wider practice staff (non-GPs) with an FTE of 5,759.4 (or 72.2% of the headcount)

When broken down by specific GP types and staff groups, there were:

  • 2,019 GP practitioners with an FTE of 1,471.8 (or 72.9% of the headcount); this includes partners, providers and salaried GPs but excludes registrars, retainers and locums
  • 26 GP retainers with an FTE of 10.2 (or 39.2% of the headcount)
  • 384 GP locums with an FTE of 99.0 (or 25.8% of the headcount)
  • 1,419 registered nurses with an FTE of 1,027.7 (or 72.4% of the headcount)
  • 1,283 direct patient care staff with an FTE of 892.4 (or 69.6% of the headcount); this includes professions such as pharmacists, dispensers, health care assistants and physiotherapists but does not include GPs or nurses
  • 5,348 administrative or other non-clinical practice staff with an FTE of 3,839.3 (or 71.8% of the headcount)


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